Savannah Cabaret Underground Cast


The Savananh Cabaret Underground will be a series of FREE shows in the basement at Club One on select Tuesday nights.

We will have anywhere from 4-6 singers each performing anywhere from 2-3 songs with keyboard accompaniment (Brandon Kaufman).  We will NOT be using pre-recorded tracks for these shows so whatever song you choose MUST be available as downloadable sheet music on (which Rick will pay for) OR you must provide your own sheet music (which you must pay for).


The goal is to have 11-13 songs to fill about 60-75 minutes with no intermission.  Solos, duets, and group numbers are all good.

Since this is a free show for audiences, there is no pay, however we will have a tip jar and all tips will be split evenly between performers and keyboardist.  We are hoping to build a regular audience to the point where we can start charging an admission.

Rehearsal will happen at 6pm upstairs on the Tuesday night of the show where you will get one run-through of each song with Brandon to adjust key and make any changes.  Songs MUST BE MEMORIZED!  The show will begin at 8pm, so this is only a (roughly) 3-4 hour commitment (not counting your own prep time).

To be considered, fill out the form below.



If you don’t already have sheet music for the songs you want to sing, please be sure to check that it is available on before you submit.

Shows & Deadlines:

  • March 14 – Luck o’the Irish.  We’re going broad on this one so this can be any song that is…
    • A classic Irish song like Danny Boy or The Fields of Athenry
    • By an Irish singer or band (U2, Sinead O’Connor, Enya, The Cranberries, etc.)
    • From an Irish musical like Finian’s Rainbow or Once
    • From a movie set in Ireland (any of the soul standards performed in The Commitments for instance)
    • Any song from any movie that starred an Irish person (Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, etc.)
    • Any song featuring the words green, luck, rainbow, or gold in the title (or any other word that can be even remotely associated with St. Patrick’s Day/Ireland)
    • Must submit entry form for consideration by no later than EOD Monday, March 6
  • March 21 – Retro Remix.  We’ll be doing Postmodern Jukebox arrangements of songs, but we can’t actually say that (apparently they are very litigious).  There are 43 songs available on that you can browse here.  If you can find sheet music elsewhere of an arrangement of some other song that is by or like PMJ (new songs done old style), that’s cool too but you have to get that on your own.
    • Must submit entry form for consideration by no later than EOD Monday, March 13
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