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Since making its debut in 2021, the Savannah Cabaret has staged dozens of live shows entertaining thousands of Savannahians and visitors with a unique blend of cabaret, theater, and experiential programming.  We do it all – festive Christmas spectaculars, choose-your-own-adventure style musical murder mysteries, revues showcasing hits from across the decades in our popular “Time Traveling Drag Queens” series, themed cabaret shows with live accompaniment, and much more.

Many of the productions feature original scripts from award-winning screenwriter Rick Garman, who has penned dozens of movies for the Hallmark Channel, Great American Family, Lifetime Movie Network, PixL, and more.



Time Traveling Drag Queens in the 1960s!

The Queens are back in an all-new adventure set in the swinging ’60s.  Join Imma Slappabitch, Coco Beach, and Christie Creme as they try to solve a murder and save the lives of the passengers on a doomed airplane, all to the soundtrack of the ’60s with hits by Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, The Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, and many more.

Available packages:

The Far Out Sponsorship: We will write your business name and/or product into the show and you’ll hear one of our characters talk about your company or see them use your product.  Also includes a full-size banner ad in the digital program with link; 2 social media posts featuring your business; branded custom cocktail on the drink menu; curtain pitch recognition; 2 reserved table seats to the show of your choice (based on availability).  $500

The Groovy Sponsorship: Full-size banner ad in the digital program with link; 2 social media posts featuring your business; branded custom cocktail on the drink menu; curtain pitch recognition; 2 reserved table seats to the show of your choice (based on availability).  $250

The Can You Dig It Sponsorship: Standard banner ad in the digital program with link; 1 social media post featuring your business; curtain pitch recognition.  $100

The Burn Rubber Sponsorship: A text only shout-out to the cast member of your choice in the digital program.  $50

Add the following onto any package:

  • Branded custom cocktail on the drink menu: $75



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    When three drag queens find a time traveling device, they get sent on an era-spanning journey that has taken them through the decades.  In the 1940s, they helped a USO troupe put on a show.  In the 1980s, they helped a group of high school kids put on prom.  This time they land in the 1960s and have to help a handsome teen angel win a drag race because they totally thought he meant something else.  Suddenly they find themselves thrown into a world of beach parties, go-go boots, and flower power as the clock is counting down fast.  Can they save the day?


    Our audience-favorite murder mystery returns with a film noir parody featuring Max Hammer, a hard-boiled private eye who gets caught up in a case that you direct!  An audience vote will determine who lives, who dies, and how the dastardly deed was committed while we bring you cabaret performances of modern songs done in classic, retro styles – everything from Britney Spears as a jazz number to the Backstreet Boys as a 1960s doo-wop and beyond.  It’s guaranteed to be a swinging good time!


    All good movies deserve a sequel and so do parodies of them!  The wacky resisdents of Mistletoe Falls are coming back all-new, hilarious adventure as they once again have to save the town and Christmas!  Packed with holiday favorites sung live, this is sure to become part of your holiday traditions.  December 2024.


    We can design a custom parternership with any business featuring elements like:

    • Product Placement – Have your business written into the original script for any of our signature shows and/or feature your product on stage during the show
    • Curtain Pitch – Mention as a sponsor during the pre-show speech at all performances
    • Theater Display – Signage advertising your product or business in the theater (posters, stand-ups, table cards, or similar – must be supplied by the sponsor)
    • Theater Marketplace – Set up a table in our theater during the shows to sell or promote your products
    • Print Program Advertising – Full, half, and quarter page ads in our print program
    • Digital Program – Featured placement in our digital program
    • Print Collateral – Logo on all posters, tickets, menus, and other printed promotional materials
    • Social Media Marketing – Sponsored by messaging in social media posts and/or dedicated posts to our audience featuring your product or services
    • Email Marketing – Sponsored by messaging in email blasts
    • Press Releases – Sponsored by messaging in all press releases
    • Tickets – Reserved table tickets to the show of your choice
    • Custom Solutions – Let us work with your business to come up with creative and original ways of engaging our audience