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Friday, May 20, 2022 Schedule | Green Meldrim House on Madison Square
  • 4pm – Sound Check (you don’t need to be there for this but if you can, great!).
  • 4:30pm – Call Time. If you can’t be there this early, I can schedule you for later in the event.
  • 4:50pm – We begin the program 10 minutes before the actual event starts in case there are early arrivals and for the passersby on Madison Square. Order of singers/songs TBA.
  • 5:00pm – Event begins.
  • 5:20pm – First trolley departs (we keep singing)
  • 5:30pm – Second trolley departs (we take a break)
  • 5:45pm – We begin part 2 of the program
  • 5:50pm – First trolley returns
  • 6:00pm – Second trolley returns
  • 6:20pm – First trolley leaves again
  • 6:25pm – Second trolley leaves again and we take another break
  • 6:45pm – We begin part 3 of the program
  • 6:50pm – Both trolleys return
  • 7:00pm – Event ends
Rehearsals and Other Info
  • I would like to schedule 1 hour with each of you sometime between Monday May 9 and Wednesday May 18. We probably won’t use the full hour. It can be done via Zoom, in person at the club, or in person at my place. To book a time, visit my Calendly page here https://calendly.com/rick…/hsf-event-1-1-rehearsal-1-hour and grab any available slot. Be sure to let me know if you want to do it virtually or in person.
  • This is a pricey, HSF event that will most likely be attended by a well-heeled crowd.  Dress accordingly (doesn’t need to be fancy, just on the nicer side of things).
  • When you’re not singing, there will be places for you to sit and we are welcomed to partake in the wine and appetizers at the event.
  • I will be looking for volunteers to pass out Bay Street Cabaret postcards to passersby along Madison Square who may be listening.

Performers, Songs, Files: