A Statement from the Savannah Cabaret

There has been a lot of ugliness on social media over the last few days. We won’t give the insulting comments directed at us or the slander and threats directed at our friends room to breathe by repeating them, but just trust us, it’s gotten ugly. We wanted to take a moment to address the controversy.

Some “very vocal” people have gotten our show “Time Traveling Drag Queens in the 1980s!” confused with the Club One Cabaret’s drag brunch happening the same weekend.

Time Traveling Drag Queens in the 1980s!” is about three drag queens who travel back in time to the 1980s (hence the title), to a high school where they help kids put on prom.  Just in case it was confusing, this is a work of fiction… it’s theater.  And yes, it is filled with outrageous humor, adult language, sexual innuendo, revealing costumes (like crop tops and short shorts, mostly on guys), and shocking surprises mostly involving really big hair.  It is intended for mature audiences and is not at all appropriate for children.  This is why it is being staged at night at Club One where alcohol is served, and tickets are only available to adults 21 and over.  This is very clear on our posters, our website, and in the “about” section on the ticketing page.

The drag brunch is a family-friendly event held at Moon River Brewing Company and is open to all ages.

These are two completely separate events, and the Savannah Cabaret is not associated with the Drag Brunch.

In short, our show… at night, 21 and over, not appropriate for kids.  Their show… daytime, all ages, family friendly.

Having said that, we’d like to make a few things very clear.  The Savannah Cabaret started because of shows that a couple of drag queens were doing during the pandemic – we wouldn’t exist it if weren’t for them.  Our shows often include drag queens.  Some of our best friends are drag queens.  We fully support anyone who performs drag in any venue, at any time of day, in front of any audience.  This includes age-appropriate brunches, shows, public performances, and/or story-hours at libraries with children present.

It’s fascinating that the people who loudly proclaim that they are the only ones who get to decide what their children see, learn and experience are the very same people who want to tell other parents what their kids can see, learn, and experience.

Drag is an art form that has been around for centuries.  It’s entertainment.  It’s expression.  It’s an outlet.  It’s a saving grace and a safe space for some people.  It’s a community.  A family.  And most importantly, drag is not a crime.

We hope that you will go and enjoy the Club One Cabaret’s Drag Brunch on Sunday, May 14 at Moon River Brewing Company. They put on a fantastic show and audiences of all ages love it.

We also hope you will come to see our show, “Time Traveling Drag Queens in the 1980s!” at Club One in Downtown Savannah on May 12 or May 14. It’s going to be a really fun experience with lots of great music from the 1980s sung live by a very talented cast… including a few drag queens.

The fact that it’ll make those “very vocal” people mad if a lot of you show up to both events to drown out their noise is just a bonus, really.