Time Traveling Drag Queens 1980s Song Poll

The Time Traveling Drag Queens are back and now they’re going to be landing in the 1980s!

We here at the Savannah Cabaret love 1980s music and we have compiled a list of nearly 300 songs that are classics of the decade.  There’s pop, rock, hair metal, new wave, R&B, a little bit of country, and more mixed in here, and while we’re not saying they are all good songs, they are songs we love in some way or another and we may want to use them in TTDQ80.

The problem is narrowing down a list this big to only about 20 that we’ll be able to fit in a two-hour show!  So, we’re asking you to help us choose.

You can pick up to 20 songs from this list and vote with the button at the bottom.  We’d like you to think of it through the lens of what songs should be included in a 1980s show, but if you just want to pick your 20 favorite that’s cool, too!

There’s even a space at the bottom for a write-in vote if you think we made some sort of egregious oversight!

We’re not saying that we’re going to go with the popular vote here – there are certan songs we REALLY want to do – but it will certainly help inform our choices.

Thank you for participating!  Stay tuned for more information about TIME TRAVELING DRAG QUEENS IN THE 1980S, coming May 12 & 14, 2023.

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